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Our Community

Building Up Communities Abroad – Our Work with WideAwake.org

Heartland Immigration is proud to support communities abroad through its work with WideAwake.org, a U.S.-based international charity that enhances the quality of life for persons in need across the world through innovative projects carried out by foreign grassroots aid organizations. Our immigration lawyers volunteer regularly for WideAwake.org. In addition, we put our money where our mouth is – a full 5% of Heartland Immigration's profits are donated to WideAwake.org. We encourage you to check out WideAwake.org and the great work the organization is doing in many places where help is sorely needed.

Giving Back Locally

Community matters to Heartland Immigration. Our immigration lawyers take seriously what they see as their responsibility to those around them. They have served as camp counselors, coached a high school baseball team in a disadvantaged community, participated in the Big Brothers / Big Sisters program, volunteered at food shelters, and found many other ways to support persons in and around their communities. We're committed to doing our part to enhance the quality of life for persons who need a helping hand, a principle that shines through in our immigration law work.

Give us a call today to hear more about the work Heartland Immigration is doing in our communities and with WideAwake.org.

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