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Immigration Blog

Birth Tourism – You Can Go to the United States Just to Have Your Baby

Much has been made in the U.S. press in recent years about so-called “anchor babies,” a term used derisively to refer to the children of non-citizens who are born in the United States, thereby obtaining American citizenship. As U.S. citizens,… Read More

Will Having Previously Been on Welfare Keep You Out of the United States?

There are many reasons a non-U.S. citizen may be denied a visa or a green card - being poor is one of them. The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) provides at section 212(a)(4) that you are “inadmissible” if in the… Read More

You Can be Deported Without Getting a Hearing Before an Immigration Judge

Many people in the United States believe - no doubt due in large part to crime shows and movies - that everyone is entitled to a hearing with a judge before the government can take away their liberty or take… Read More

An Immigration Judge Ordered My Deportation- Now What?

A deportation case doesn’t necessarily end when the judge in immigration court orders someone deported. You may still have options in trying to stave off deportation. This article provides an overview of what happens at the end of an immigration… Read More

Your Rights in Immigration Court

If the government is seeking to deport you from the United States, you need every advantage you can get to help you make the case that you cannot be removed, either because you aren’t “deportable” under the terms of the… Read More

Deportable vs. Inadmissible in the Deportation Context – What’s the Difference?

If you’re struggling to decipher the letter you or a loved one received from the government telling you that deportation is being sought, you’re not alone. In addition to the legal jargon employed in the Notice to Appear document that… Read More

Get the Facts – Provisional Unlawful Presence Waivers

Since March 2013, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has allowed certain people who are eligible for a green card by virtue of their relationship to a United States citizen to apply while still in the United States for the… Read More

My U.S. Visa Application is in 221(g) Status – What Does that Mean?

Interviewing for a United States visa can be intense. So much hangs on an exchange - often between two people who aren’t completely fluent in a common language - that averages around just three minutes. (Immigrant visa interviews tend to… Read More

Asylum for Persecution On Account of Religion – Where do Atheists Fit In?

United States asylum law affords a grant of asylum to persons physically present in the United States who demonstrate, either to an immigration judge in the deportation context, or to an asylum officer of US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)… Read More

The USA Refugee Program Explained

The United States has a long tradition of welcoming and providing sanctuary for people who, for various reasons, cannot live safely in their own country.  Since 1975 the country’s refugee resettlement program has processed individuals from dozens of countries who… Read More