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An Immigration Law Firm with Heart

With Heartland Immigration, clients get professional representation from immigration lawyers who truly care about them. Our immigration attorneys have the legal know-how to get results. But the true value of our attorneys is their passion for people and for immigration matters. Our immigration law firm was founded on the premise that immigration expertise presents the opportunity to truly enhance the quality of life for individuals. From bringing families together by helping people obtain a green card to building up businesses that desire to employ persons from other cultures, our immigration attorneys work at Heartland Immigration because they care about people. For our lawyers, community and family matter, and people come first. Whether you seek a US green card through family-based immigration, need a waiver of inadmissibility to accomplish your USA immigration objective or want to build your business using H-1B visa professionals, Heartland Immigration stands ready to help. Learn more about our service commitments and contact us today to discuss your immigration issue. Call an immigration attorney toll free today: 1-855-USA-IMMIGRATE

A New Way to Do Immigration Law

Heartland Immigration serves clients all around the United States and across the world in the full range of immigration-related matters. But Heartland Immigration is different than the other immigration law firms - our unique, online-focused model allows us to charge lower fees to our clients than the competition while delivering personal, superior immigration services. Your immigration legal serivice needs do not have to bankrupt your family or your business. You do not have to settle for an immigration attorney who has little concern for you and those whom you care about. With Heartland Immigration, you will get attentive service from dedicated immigration attorneys at an affordable price.

Taking Law Online, and Passing the Savings on to You

As an online-focused immigration law firm, Heartland Immigration does not incur many of the costs that more traditional firms pay and ultimately pass on to clients in their legal fees. We leverage online technology, a highly refined business model and a network of satellite service locations to avoid expenses that do not add value to your legal representation, and we pass the savings on to you in the form of lower fees than the other law firms charge for the same services. We invite you to compare our fees to those of other immigration firms.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Check back frequently for updates on the bill pending in Congress that would, if passed, dramatically alter the US immigration law landscape. The proposal would, among other things:

  • Create a path to a US green card and ulatimately US citizenship for many undocumented persons living in the United States through what is called the registered provisional immigrant program
  • Afford an immigrant visa based on "merit" - the Merit Visa would lead to a green card for people who score a certain amount of "points" based on things such as education, length of residence in the US and other factors
  • Expand theH-1B business visa program
  • Create a new class of visas for workers, called, appropriately, the W Visa
  • Allow a green card holder to sponsor their spouses and children for a green card without a long waiting period

Give us a call today for a consultation - we are ready to answer your US immigration law questions, such as how can I green card for the USA or what counts as a crime of moral turpitude in the deportation context:

Nationwide: 1-855-USA-IMMIGRATE (1-855-872-4664)

Dallas: (972) 543-3812

Los Angeles: (949) 614-0106

New York: (347) 630-9629

Chicago: (773) 683-1728

Indianapolis: (812) 269-8201

Oklahoma City: (405) 232-2749

You can also get in touch with a Heartland Immigration lawyer by sending an e-mail to the content author Brad Menzer at

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